Music Video for The Ruckus Collective.

From the dark depths of Bristol's legendary underground music scene come four hyperactive beatniks, one desk commander and a hot tub installation assistant, with a flair for crushing grooves and poignant lyricism that ignites in a manic explosion of relentless kinetic energy.

Scars & Bars

Bastogne V.i.p.


Sampled from Band of Brothers, this AV mash up redefines what an audio visual composition can be. Earth shattering beats, dark violent visuals and a twisted undercurrent. Best watched with the lights off and curtains closed.



Short film

Hana San


Fashion advert for a Chinese fashion brand

Pachucos y la



Live studio performace & interview with this lovely bunch of musicians.


The Last

Wonky Disco


Teaser for The Last Wonky Disco @ Club Colliseum Vauxhall


Planet Angel


Planet Angel @ Club Colliseum Vauxhall. Featuring a one off live performace from Cellardore, one of the UK's most talented electronic producers.


 Crystal Vision

at Jaguar Shoes


Crystal Vision Art Collective Instalation @ Jaguar Shoes.


Broken Robot




Broken Robot Label launch.


In Bed with




Pillow talk, Interview & live accoustic performance from one of London's rising stars.


We Are Live



Interviews with promoters.

Shots from a great night.

It must be a promo for We Are Live.




An Interview & performance from this cutting edge band. Melting musical genres to create a style all of their own.


Cooking with

The Clik Clik



In the Kitchen with these two musical monsters. The Clik Clik show us how they make cupcakes & give us a live accoustic performance.


Bohemian Rhapsody

(the Remix)




The Video remix that started it all.

Over 50,000 views on youtube before it was pulled on grounds of copyright infringment. This video takes some of your favorite childhood memories, mashes them up and spits them out as a thing of sonic beauty and visual delight.



         Producer, Director & Editor




        DP, Camerman & Editor




                  Director & Editor


        Director, Camerman & Editor


        Director, Camerman & Editor


        Director, Camerman & Editor


               Camerman & Editor


               Camerman & Editor








               Camerman & Editor


The Sickness



A short action sports documentary made in 2006. This exploration of the british scene has racked up a whopping 55,000 views.

Shot on one of the first HDV handycams, this is Rollerblading at its most picturesque.



        Director, Camerman & Editor


Heaven Live



An intamate live electronic performace. The Lost Lounge was a one of show in a living room. This video uses the live stream that was broadcast on ustream, along with other camera feeds.  




   One Night



The legend of Reggie Miller.

A short film.




                  Director, Cam Op  & Editor

Circle Infinite

Music Video




Directed by Mark Ashford & Circle Infinite

A Spoof Hammer-Horror Sitcom Pilot Episode, starring Sidney Kean and Peter Oliver, guest starring Sebastian Lister. Written & Produced by Phil Whitmore, Directed by Steve Harris-Jackson, Filmed & Edited by Mark Ashford, With Animations by Mathew Cobb.

Praze & Beeble

Meet The Ghoul


                  DP & Editor


Producer, Director, DP, Camerman, Actor & Editor


The DWCTW Feature Film follows 2 aspiring musicians as they try to make it in Bristol’s Bass Music scene. Shot in a documentary style, Cellardore & Casual Salmon give us an intimate glimpse into their working lives. This 70 minute feature film recently had it's World Premiere and is now awaiting a festival run.

Day We Changed

       The World


Archive of early works